Mark's Story

“ I had Mark build some book/display shelves for my living room. It was a fairly large project and Mark worked closely with me and my designer. He had to custom design everything, it's stunning! The first thing I noticed when I met Mark was how soft spoken and nice he was. I had no qualms about having him -- and the person that was helping him -- in my home. They were very polite, kept their work area clean and neat and did a great job. In addition to the work, Mark has great character. He is honest. As far as price goes, Mark is not the cheapest quote we received nor was he the most expensive - but it was definitely the BEST choice. Wood Done Right was a great value. I am very pleased with the work that Mark did in my home and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. “ Nikki

While some search for jobs and never actually find a career, others find themselves gripped by an inescapable calling. That’s Mark Burford, founder and president of Wood Done Right.

After studying fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA, Mark followed in the footsteps of his great-grandfather and grandfather, embarking upon a career in master carpentry. If not for his father’s chasing his own dream of becoming a doctor (and subsequent professor at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine), Mark would embody the fourth generation of master carpenters in the Burford family. Nonetheless, a love of wodworking is “in his blood,” as he likes to say.

After working for some of the most respected builders of fine homes in the Triangle area for twelve years, Mark launched Trimmasters in 1992. In 2011 Mark re-focused and re-named his business as Wood Done Right. His work reflects his academic background in design, a lifelong love for art and beauty, and the passion for craftsmanship that has defined Mark’s career as a master woodworker. Since then, Wood Done Right has become the go-to firm for exquisite cabinetry and built-in woodwork in the Chapel Hill area. “What I love the most about my work is that I’m able channel all of those things I love—art, design, craftsmanship—into giving my customers the work they deserve, “ Mark explains. “I’ve lived in Chapel Hill for most of my life, and I just love the people here. There’s just nothing like talking to a homeowner, understanding them as they articulate their vision for their home, and then helping them to make that a reality. I love every part of the collaboration—from drawing up the initial designs all the way to putting the finishing touches on the cabinets they've been planning on.”