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Projects Update

We've been really busy. Too busy to keep up with this Blog, but there's lots of new stuff to share in the weeks to come.
We completed the bookcase and media cabinets for our customers in Chapel Hill. These folks found us through the ad in Southern Neighbor, and went to our website to find out more about us. When I met with them, the budget figure they gave me indicated that we were going to have to be smart about how we planned the work, to keep the price low enough for them to afford. The customers had me look at four cabinet projects. They indicated that I was not the only person they were considering for the work. I never cut corners on the quality of our materials and workmanship. Designing and planning the pieces so they can be fabricated and installed efficiently is always a priority. Finding ways to lower the price without sacrificing the work can be challenging sometimes. I gave it my best shot, and was very pleased to have them call me to say they were ready to get started. When I visited them to work out the details and sign the deal, they told me that the deciding factor for them was, that judging from the testimonials, the description of my process, and my Blog postings on why custom-made cabinet work makes for a good investment, I was the obvious choice. They were great folks to work with, and their appreciation of our efforts was a great validation of why doing business the way I do works.

We started a Kitchen remodel last week. Come back and find out how that's going. It's a great example of how a space can be completely transformed with lots of work and a little love