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Why Spend Extra Money On Custom Made? Part 4

Part Three: How Well Is It Designed? By far the most satisfying part of designing, making and installing custom woodwork and doing small remodeling jobs is the act of performing a service to an individual or family.

Part Four: The Human Element

The work and how it's done, the process of making something for them that fits them and their home is the best part. I love doing the technical part of the work, I'm really good at it. I love doing the design work because it's collaborative, always different, and creative. If it weren't for the individuals for whom I do these things, it would not be satisfying for long.

I'm not going to go into the whole ethics of how much I need to make to earn a living versus someone in Asia or Latin America. I'm not going to go into how workers in those places generally have no benefits or security beyond their years of usefulness as a factory worker. Search the Internet and you'll find lots of discussion about Free Trade and Fair Trade. I obviously have an opinion about these things, which aren't pertinent to this discussion.

Trades people don't enjoy the respect and status they held in centuries past. Part of that is because the trades themselves don't require the same level of skill or training. I have chosen to ignore that fact. I have always sought to explore the full range of knowledge available for the trade I practiced, whether it was framing houses, or building fine furniture. I think that my trade is a respectable profession, and I try to conduct myself as a respectable professional. To me that approach to my work, and the level of knowledge and skill it brings to the service I provide to my customers has value.

It's not always a value that can be equated in monetary terms. All I know is that when someone does work specifically for me to produce something, I could have just as easily bought somewhere, it's worth a lot more than I paid for it.