What our Customers and Colleagues Say

New Custom Home Woodwork

To me, working with Mark Burford and Wood Done Right means I know that the job will be done in the most competent and professional manner possible.

Mark can take a set of plans and quickly evaluate not only the workmanship that will be required, but also troubleshoot for omissions or lack of details that may need to be fleshed out. He can provide a concise list of questions and suggestions to help everyone reach the desired outcome. This is invaluable not only for the sake of putting a price together, but it also to helps reduce the chances of surprises and cost overruns later in the project. Mark is excellent at breaking down costs and helping with ‘value engineering’, which is essential on most jobs. These skills are very helpful to not only the general contractors, but also the architect and homeowner.

Mark is second-to-none as a trim carpenter. His standards and workmanship are as high as anyone I have worked with in my 35 years as a builder. He has an outstanding portfolio representing various architectural styles. He is also very good at scheduling his time and sticking to a commitment. This is essential in putting together the jobsite work schedule and coordinating materials and other subcontractors. Mark has been at this a long time and understands the process very well.

It has been my pleasure to work with someone with the combination of talent, experience, creativity, fairness and consideration that he brings to the job. I give him the very highest recommendation.

Garry Sronce Garrett Building Co.

Working with Architects

Working with Mark is a real pleasure, and best of all the process is a true collaboration. He wants to know the idea behind a detail or a space so that he can help further it through his craftsmanship. He is patient and has an easy way of communicating that is a rarity today in our profession.

Ellen Cassilly Ellen Cassilly Architect

Custom Remodeling Woodwork

We have known and worked with Mark for several years. His contributions to the finished product have been outstanding on every project with which they have been involved. Not only does he have the skills required to produce a fine result, he have, on several occasions, provided design suggestions that turned a good design into a great one. We have not seen a job, however intricate, he could not handle. It is without hesitation we recommend Wood Done Right to anyone who wants the very best.

Max M. Kennedy, President Kennedy Building Co., Inc.